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 What is Yoga ?

Yoga attempts to balance mind and body by following a sequence of physical exercises, or "asanas", controlled breathing or "Pranyama"; and the calming of the mind through relaxation. Asanas help you to improve posture, balance, suppleness & strength.
Regular practice of Vinyasa yoga flow provides an excellent cardio vascular work out,  improves the body's physical health and helps the person cope with internal and external stress.
Yoga is suitable for all.  Young and old, male or female, for those who exercise regularly and those who do not.  The pace of practice is controlled by the individual and there are many variations of each posture so that everyone will physically benefit from attending a class. 
I provide three classes: 
  •  VINYASA FLOW  to accommodate those who want a continous fast flowing Ashtanga based yoga. Sometimes called 'power' or 'cardio' yoga.
  • DYNAMIC HATHA for those who seek a moderatly challenging hatha yoga
  • RELAXATION &  REPAIR HATHA for those in search of a gentle, slow paced hatha yoga

Why  do it?

  • Desire for cardio vascular conditioning, physical wellness, fitness or flexibility and to feel good
    To reduce stress and tension.
  • GP’s recommend Yoga for many physical and emotional conditions of modern day living – Back pain, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress management.
  • People who regularly participate in strenuous activities like field sports, racquet sports, cycling, Swimming, scuba diving, surfing, skiing, mountain climbing etc., find that their overall performance and prevention of major injury vastly improves when they also practice yoga on a regular basis.
  • Some people believe that Yoga brings self awareness, helps us to heal both physically and emotionally and shows us who we really are!