What to Expect

The VINYASA YOGA FLOW is hot and high tempo, you can be new to yoga, but will need a certain degree of cardio-vascular conditioning to get the most out of the class.  You are likely to get hot and sweaty!!!!  This class compliments competitive sports and frequent gym sessions....but you do not have to be super fit, just have a reasonable level of fitness. Vinyasa flow is similar to the type of yoga practiced by the likes of Andy Murray; Madona and it is the official yoga program of the New York Runners Club....the good news is that you do not have to be flexible to start....with practice flexibility comes!
The DYNAMIC HATHA yoga class will provide a continuous flow of asana's, which will sometime be challenging, sometimes relaxing, but always dynamically moving the body until it is time for shavasana (relaxation)!  Dynamic Hatha will provide you with grace, poise, balance, flexibility, strength and an element of cardio-vascular conditioning, but you shouldn't  become too hot or sweaty.   Practiced regularly the asanas will improve the body's physical health, clear and calm the mind and provide sense of wellbeing.  The class will suit beginners, novice, and intermediates.
All classes will introduce the student to the most beneficial asanas.  They will be taught following the principles of Iyengar, which encourages correct alignment of the body and awareness of the mind.  The asanas generate strength, stamina and suppleness of both body and mind; this in turn leads to an increase in health, a reduction of the tensions of the body and a significant decrease in levels of stress and anxiety. The Iyengar principles enables even the total yoga novice to benefit from the asanas in a safe and structured way.